NOVO EXPRESS offers a wide variety of outbound transportation services to all parts of the U.S.A. and around the world.

We move your air freight shipments through the world-wide systems of the scheduled air lines. We work closely with the carriers to make sure your cargo shipment moves smoothly and rapidly to destination.

We apply the NOVO First Flight Priority to all of your high priority shipments. This means we pick-up, document, reserve and move your cargo on the first available flight to your destination, We monitor the movement of your freight and notify you of the flight number, date and time of departure, and the estimated time of arrival at destination.

NOVO'S First Flight Service is fast and efficient - use it whenever speed is essential.

In addition to NOVO'S First Flight Service, we also offer economical Consolidation Service into selected destination cities.

Using the Consolidation Service means that we may hold the shipment for a few days in order to combine it with other cargo going to the same destination. This allows us to use the combined higher weight of several shipments to obtain lower per pound rates from the carrier airline. These lower rates are then passed along to you in the form of economy consolidation rates.

NOVO EXPRESS continually receives and processes shipments from all over the world. Numerous domestic and international shippers depend on us to handle and deliver inbound consignments.

If your inbound shipments are taking too long to process or deliver, just instruct your suppliers to consign them to NOVO EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL. We will make sure your cargo is cleared and delivered to you right away!

NOVO EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL is represented around the world by a network of authorized professional freight agents. These agents are experts in the handling of freight shipments through their local areas. They are familiar with local customs and regulations. They are reliable, and can be depended on to provide the highest level of service.

Should your shipment require Government clearance or special handling on arrival, we will use our communication network to alert our agent to prepare the necessary paperwork. Your shipment can be picked up by the consignee at our agent's facility, or we can arrange to have it delivered to the consignee's door.


We recognize the importance of keeping you informed of the progress of your shipment. Therefore, we maintain worldwide communications with our agents through our international Web based Tracking Satellite systems. By utilizing modern communications technology, we can easily track your shipments, or relay additional handling instructions to our agents.

Many commodities require special handling procedures. Perishables and dangerous goods must be handled rapidly, and with concern for both the product, and the safety of the carrier moving the product.

NOVO'S people are familiar with the requirements for handling all types of perishable or dangerous goods. They will be pleased to share their knowledge concerning proper packaging and labeling of these commodities.

However, we emphasize that all such transportation arrangements should be made by your professional freight forwarder.

NOVO will provide pick-up or delivery service on request. For the convenience of our frequent shippers, we can arrange to schedule a daily stop at your door.

Our drivers understand how important it is to handle all shipments with extreme care. We do everything possible to protect your shipment against rough handling or weather damage. Remember, we want your business, and we want to keep it!

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